Our Story

Laura Burrell, an incredible person, wife, and mother, was diagnosed with a breast cancer that should have been straightforward to treat. Over the next few months, in spite of intense traditional therapy, major surgery, a lifestyle makeover, radical diet change, and a myriad of supplements, the cancer developed resistance to chemotherapy and morphed into inflammatory breast disease.Traditional Western therapies had little to offer and forecast Laura’s future to involve rapid disease development, possibly giving her only three months with a low quality of life.

After what we could describe only as a miracle after countless hours of research, frankincense oil emerged as an alternative therapy that could possess healing properties to restore Laura’s body processes back to normal. Research by Dr’s H.K. Lin and M.M. Suhail found that oil distilled from one of the gifts presented by the wise men to Jesus at his birth might possess disease curing and healing properties. 

Unable to find oil distilled to the requirements indicated in the published literature, Laura’s husband David, ever a problem solver, resolved that the only way to make sure his wife received the properly prepared oil was to distill it himself.  His procedures provided a platform for the creation of several custom formulations and application methods, all aimed at helping Laura.

Quite by accident, we stumbled on some incredible skin improving and skin-enhancing qualities of the various frankincense products made during the distillation process. Using these products alongside a supplement program, Laura enjoyed 15 very rich and largely pain-free months full of laughter, love, and enjoyment. She was always able to light up a room, but with the addition of frankincense, an already luminous personality became Effervescent.

As a tribute to the life and essence of Laura, we humbly present to you Effervescent Skin Care. Using these products helped bring many benefits to Laura, and it is our hope that they will help you too.


The resin we use is of only the purest source: the sacred frankincense (Boswellia sacra) tree in Oman.

The oil offered here has been steam distilled in pure water with no chemical solvents for at least 24 hours (3 times longer than normal) to make sure we obtain all the resin has to offer.  

As the steam of distillation cools, it naturally separates into frankincense oil and a beautifully fragrant hydrosol that contains many of its own healing properties, which bring the body closer to the natural alignment we were born to have without any additional chemicals or solvents.

In working to provide as many application techniques as possible, we offer a cream designed to deliver the oil through the skin.

While none of this is FDA approved, we’re working on documenting how this substance does what it does. We have seen that it works on us (the immediate family and friends) when we have pains, blemishes, and injuries. We have used it on just about everything we could think of: creaky joints, scars, sprained ankles, swollen knees, acne, and even athlete’s foot.  Out of curiosity, we have gargled with hydrosol to see how it would affect a sore throat when one of us gets a cold, and the sore throat went away. Now, if we have a problem, our default has changed from going to the medicine cabinet to putting some form of frankincense on it, and nine times out of ten, our problem goes away.

The list of what people tell us this substance can do keeps growing. Because frankincense is helping people left and right, we want to share it with you in the eternally bubbling spirit of the wonderful, effervescent woman who inspired our research.